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Summer 2012

August 23, 2012

After working at home for 8 years, I have now joined Coburg House Arts Studios in Leith, mainly as a place to do design work and I willcontinue to carve at home. Great to be part of such a creative community.           I completed three new works for the recent open weekend.

the last lines from Chamber Music by the poet Mary Mackey




KUN – the chinese symbol from the I-Ching representing earth / woman.

book matched yew, oak, acrylic paint


I was pleased to be able to use an idea for the first time on a recent commission for a wedding gift – a hardwood bench. Woo’d, wed an’ a ‘ is the abbreviated form of a folk song from the NE of Scotland. The words tell the whole story.  The song title in full is woo’d an’ married an’ a’.


2012 is the completion date of the recent conversion of a farm building to a house in East Lothian.