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July 31, 2011

Before letter carving I used to make furniture.

This is a folding meditation stool for sitting in the Japanese seiza position. This was exhibited in Japan in the Shinanogawa Technopolis International Design Competition ’94

Ebonised quarter sawn Scottish oak and solid brass hinges.        Pyjamas from Habitat !


This is my interpretation of a traditional Go board made from a 3.5″ plank of ripple sycamore. Solid drawers still require finishing.  These “stones” are ceramic.  The best stones are made from slate and shell.

Go is a beautiful game which has been described as five games of chess on the same board.


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July 31, 2011

This was my demonstration piece at the Falkland Big Tent event in July 2010.  Finally completed.



The artist Angus Reid commisssioned this frame for the portait of the poet Ken Cockburn.  Whilst sitting for the painting, Ken read out loud his favourite poems and the names of these poets are carved on the frame.

The wood is obeche, just waxed.  Only just carvable, with a tendency to crumble – I was expecting to be supplied with beech !



The plaque for the royal opening at Stirling Castle.

Quarter sawn oak.