June 2018

Not much has happened in the last year.   In September 2017 I moved from Edinburgh to the village of Dartington in Devon.  Most of my time has been spent establishing a new life down here.   There have been a couple of enjoyable commissions on the way.  Two boat names for a friend on Iona – NARWAL ; and a sign for a cricket pavilion in Devon – THE GOLDSMITH PAVILION.  Both had interesting design possibilities.

In September (7&8) I will be teaching an introductory course on letter carving in wood, for Craft Revolution run by Schumacher College on the Dartington Hall estate.




2 Responses to “June 2018”

  1. Peter Schoultz Says:

    Hello Roger,
    Glad you got moved and hope to see more examples of your work. Just as an FYI no pictures of the boat carving or pivilion carving showed up on the web site. Would love to see them.
    Thanks and best of luck in your new location.
    Pete Schoultz (USA)

    • rmhww Says:

      Hi Peter
      Sorry for being out of touch. Will email.
      A month to go and lots of wall space to fill but I don’t have to fulfil anyone’s demands or expectations. It will be what is ready at the time. I will get some advice as to how to do a digital version of the exhibition.
      How much worse things are politically since we last communicated…everywhere !!!
      all best

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