Some work from 2015

The big thing for me this year was to put together seven lettercarvings and exhibit them under the heading Sacred Outrage. More about that in a separate post. The biggest commission was a real pleasure. There is a cycle path around Loch Leven in Fife which was completed recently. On the outskirts of Kinross is a birdviewing hide, designed by ICOSIS architects, which has won several awards. My commission was to replace a couple of larch strips with oak of the same size, carved with the names of the awards. I will have to wait until the Spring to get a decent image but the website is worth a look.

bird hide - B


A couple of small commissions.  I like the idea of holders for single flower blooms, using quartered or halved fruitwood logs.  These are drilled for a 150mm glass test tube.  This commission was a thank you gift for a couple whose home had provided a refuge for a friend through a difficult period of her life.



A temporary grave marker, in oak.

grave marker - B


After the gloom and doom addressed in the outrage carvings,  something a bit more joyful.   Ebonised oak   530 x 310mm



This memorial bench,  from 2012, was a collaboration with the furniture maker Graeme Murray (Real Wood Studios).  The oak board resting against the wall supports the solid seat, which also sits on a section of tree trunk.  The words are from a poem by Jackie Kay.  Still waiting for a good image with morning sunshine.  The sloping panel has weathered beautifully.

annie's bench

goodnight fiere


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